About Fairway Physio

Sports Physio

Fairway Physio is a specialist physiotherapy provider aiming to help you with any aches or pains that prevent you from being at your best. From foot pain to neck pain. From gym injuries to golf injuries, Fairway physio is here to help.

Sports Massage

Massage is well known to aid recovery, decrease muscle tension and alleviate pain. If you did a little bit too much in the gym, had a busy week at work or just feel a little bit stressed – book in for a Fairway Physio Sports Massage to help get you back to your best.

Golf Physio

Golfers are very happy spending hundreds of pounds on the latest equipment, investing hours of practice at the range and both time and money on looking good whilst they play.

Whilst it is important to have quality clubs and great technique, most golfers forget that their most valuable asset with regards to their golf game is their own body.

If your body is working against you or pain is stopping you swing freely then it doesn’t really matter what clubs you use or how much time you spend on the range.

At Fairway Physio, we care about your body. We want you to play the best golf you can. If pain limits your game or if an injury is hampering your score we want to help. If your posture, stiffness or weakness is affecting your golf game then you have come to the right place.

Whether you require a biomechanical assessment using our new screening tool, golf shoe orthotics, expert injury management, acupuncture or a rehabilitation program we want to help you play the best golf of your life.

Help your body. Help your golf with Fairway Physio.